PTL Ltd Appoints Malcolm Mizzi to Post of Head of Software Engineering and Business Applications

PTL Limited, a subsidiary of Harvest Technology plc, appoints Mr. Malcolm Mizzi as Head of Software Engineering and Business Applications. Malcolm has been working in the IT industry for the past 20 plus years. He started his career as a junior software engineer and has over the years matured in the software engineering stream. He has been engaged in various projects mostly related to Management Information Solutions including Financial Systems, HR Systems, CMS, Dashboards, BI, Time Recording, Service Management and Mobile Government. Work on these solutions ranged from analysis and design, engineering, up to implementation and maintenance. Malcolm has also been involved in several enterprise grade integrations, where he combined his acquired technical skills, industry best practices and tools to provide robust, sound solutions.

He is highly motivated and possess effective interpersonal skills, which coupled with his technical knowledge, helps him bridge the gap between the technical and business domains.

Malcolm also possesses a strong academic knowledge – holding a degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing from the University of Greenwich and Master of Science (MSc) in IT and Management from Sheffield Hallam University. He is also a certified in ITIL and is AIIM Records Management Master.

“I am a true believer that learning is a lifelong journey, that is why throughout my 20 year career in the IT industry, I always strived to keep abreast with the industry vertical and technology in general. I am truly excited to take my experience and apply it to this new role with PTL Ltd as Head of Software Engineering and Business Applications” said Malcolm Mizzi.